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  • Sign up and browse discounts in your area or any other participating area.
  • Select to view and print your personalized discount offer.
  • Show your ID when presenting the coupon to the participating partner
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Every week you will receive additional offers via email.
Along with access to thousands of offers you will receive an email twice a week reminding you of great offers as well as informing you about new offers added.


DAD’s Fundraisers is proud to offer over 80% payback and we will make your Fundraisers GREEN. 

PROBLEMS with other fundraisers 

  • Too small of a percentage of the sale goes back to the school or youth group
  • Have to buy product upfront and have unsold inventory
  • Limited flexibility as to when fundraisers can be scheduled

SOLUTION DAD’s Fundraisers

  • Our return to sponsoring school or program is 80%
  • No upfront cost or unsold product
  • A successful campaign can be started at any time!


The youth group sells Subscriptions to Families in your area. The Subscribers get discounts emailed to them twice a week and access to them on the internet. The Subscibers get more value because our studies show that coupon books are forgotten and left at home on a shelf or in a drawer, just days after being purchased and eventually end up in a landfill. Everyone pays attention to their EMAIL, especially when they have paid for them.

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