Coupon Delivery Method and Timing

Coupon delivery is immediately available to members with an activated subscription. Subscriptions can be activated or renewed for three, six, nine, and twelve month terms.

Return/Refund Policy

You may request a pro-rated refund on a credit card charge within thirty days of delivery via the form on the Contact Us link. Fill in you name email address and type Refund Requested in the subject line and a brief reason for the request, then press the send button. Your refund request will be reviewed within seven to ten business days. Scratch off cards are sold and distributed by your local fundraising group and as such are generally non-refundable, please contact your local fundraising group for their refund policy.

Privacy Statement

We value your membership. Your credit card information is not retained upon membership activation or renewal. Your contact information is used to communicate membership status, highlight coupon offerings, deliver requested materials, respond to questions, and deliver services to active members. We will share your comments and questions with our customer service representatives most capable of addressing your questions and concerns.

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