DAD’s Fundraisers – Who we are 
DAD’s Fundraisers is a school, youth group, and youth sports fundraiser program. DAD’s Fundraisers is currently the nation’s #1 youth fundraiser business according to the percentage of moneys returned to the participants.

DAD’s Fundraisers takes the concept of internet coupon offering and add a much needed feature, youth fund raising.

The idea had been done before, fundraisers with coupon books and with coupon cards. What ultimately differentiated DAD’s Fundraisers from the competition was a bold decision to give a return of 80% to the children.

DAD’s Fundraisers soon spread all over the United States. Now affiliated businesses like DAD’s Fundraisers of Arkansas and DAD’s Fundraisers of St. Louis are filling the need for fundraising across the country. DAD’s Fundraisers not only has representation in Arkansas and St. Louis but also in 98 other markets across the country.

DAD’s Fundraisers of Arkansas is proud to announce that children are selling our subscriptions to 3 out every 4 people that they present the DAD’s Fundraiser card.

An example of a group achieving these higher numbers is the youth football team out of the St. Louis area that did the first area fundraiser with us and earned $30,000.

DAD’s Fundraisers has turned fundraising into a science. Long gone are the days that youth groups have to spend weeks earning under $1000 when doing fundraisers.

There are 3 methods of selling the DAD’s Fundraisers subscriptions that have proven successful. We will advise your youth group of these methods and help you choose the one that best fits you!

Check DAD’s Fundraisers for an affiliated fundraising partner in your area.